Yoga and Eating Disorders Book



Robyn Hussa Farrell is one of the authors in this highly-anticipated book: Yoga and Eating Disorders

The book bridges the knowledge and practice gaps between mental health providers and yoga practitioners who work with clients suffering from disordered eating. Combining the wisdom of 20 experts in eating disorders treatment and yoga practice, editors Carolyn Costin and Joe Kelly show how and why yoga’s mind-body connection facilitates treatment and recovery. This invaluable resource for mental health and yoga professionals, as well as individuals and family members struggling with eating disorders, explores the use yoga in therapy, ways yoga teachers can recognize and respond to disordered eating, recovery stories, research into yoga’s impact on symptoms, and much more.

Licensed Psychotherapists can now learn the NOURISH Recovery Yoga system through our series of evidence-based online courses. Learn more here:

Treatment providers have gravitated to Robyn Hussa Farrell’s NOURISH Recovery Yoga since we began leading trainings in 2007.

Dr. Cheryl Appel
MD, New York City
This was the perfect way to be introduced to teaching mindfulness … whether you’re in health care, mental health, a school teacher a manager or a parent. I have already successfully used the skills with my patients … and even myself! The greatest strengths of the workshop was feeling how guided meditation techniques change self-concept in the moment.

Most important, clients feel the impact:

Woman in New York, NY
I’ve had an undiagnosed eating disorder for as long as I can remember. I’m conscious now of how strong and active it is and how I’ll do just about anything not to feel. I had no idea the extent that I disassociated from my body. I’m slowly coming back into the world. I wanted to share my story with you out of gratitude. The [class’] spiritual practices, nurturing environment, and pace are exactly in tune with what I need.