Larry Lenz
“We consistently received outstanding feedback about [Robyn’s] yoga from our patients and it was perceived as a key, therapeutic part of our program. It is no surprise that last year, Robyn received the Champion in Women’s Health Award from the Wisconsin Women’s Health Foundation, nor that the national nonprofit organization which she founded (Mental Fitness) continues to receive overwhelming critical, educational and therapeutic commendation on a national scale. I strongly recommend Robyn Hussa as a yoga instructor working with patients suffering from eating disorders and other addictions, without reservation.”
Susie Roman
NEDA was thrilled to partner with Robyn Hussa (and the Mental Fitness nonprofit) for our 2010 National Eating Disorders Awareness Week programming!  As a result of our partnership NEDA was able to provide the Yoga Guide, by Robyn Hussa, MFA, RYT, for trained yoga instructors to host a free Yoga Day. Thanks to this wonderful resource, there were Yoga Days across the country encouraging mindfulness, self acceptance and providing a community event for raising awareness about eating disorders and body image issues.


Dr. Cheryl Appel
MD, New York City
This was the perfect way to be introduced to teaching mindfulness … whether you’re in health care, mental health, a school teacher a manager or a parent. I have already successfully used the skills with my patients … and even myself! The greatest strengths of the workshop was feeling how guided meditation techniques change self-concept in the moment.
Person in recovery from alcoholism and bulimia.
In Robyn’s class, I was not only allowed, but invited to be who I am.  I didn’t have to struggle or drop my guard; it happened so naturally I didn’t notice.  I felt what it means to belong.  I shared space with others from the comfort and safety of my own mat.  I felt what before I could only conceptually believe about love and respect.  And there was never a need to compete or compare; simply time to explore.  [Yoga] eased me back into my body.  It altered my perspective.  It showed me that I could create something beautiful again.
Woman in New York, NY
I’ve had an undiagnosed eating disorder for as long as I can remember. I’m conscious now of how strong and active it is and how I’ll do just about anything not to feel. I had no idea the extent that I disassociated from my body. I’m slowly coming back into the world. I wanted to share my story with you out of gratitude. The [class’] spiritual practices, nurturing environment, and pace are exactly in tune with what I need.
When my husband and I started yoga with Robyn, neither of us had had much exposure beyond a class here and there.  What my husband tells me he most appreciated was that his back felt stretched and worked and he had no "in the back of his mind" fear of injury or pain.  This was very freeing for him.

For me it is often a matter of knowing straight up that a person is learned and dedicated and selfless in the teaching of something like yoga or spin class or even personal training, all of which have been steadies in my life in recent years.  With Robyn, it was consistently about centering and focus and paying attention to what was going on with my very own body.

There were times in Robyn's class, when I was elsewhere, not in my house, not all cramped and stalled up in my crowded head but rather transported to a place of calm and peace, and privacy and trust. This is not the sort of thing I am accustomed to embracing, let alone trusting, and I credit Robyn's leadership with my personal grace in experiencing these treasured moments.

Kathy Lange
Robyn Hussa is a wonderful friend, and strong, committed woman, whom I am blessed to know. We have been brought together by the “Mental Fitness” program, because our youngest daughter was involved with this at the high school level, and this has grown over the years into healing for our family. My daughters have all (3) had challenges with Eating Disorders, to varying degrees and in different ways, and I myself, have experienced anorexia at the end of my college years and into my early marriage.

As I began to know Robyn, and understand more about this insidious disease, our family was able to talk more freely about the ED that touched our family’s lives over the years. A part of the healing process for myself and my daughters has been to YOGA together. Yoga is such a wonderful bringing together of mind and body and spirit. We have taken yoga from different instructors over the years, but when we were to go to a class of Robyn Hussa’s, it was something more than the average yoga class. Robyn has a wonderful way of imparting to her yoga students, that understanding of

Yoga at it’s truest level. For one, Robyn is very much in tune with how individual yoga is for every person; that this is not a “competitive” thing, that rather, it is very individual, each person is at their “own place”, and does what their body is comfortable with; yet, always “opening doors” for how to challenge one’s body.

Robyn never “preaches”, yet has a wonderful way of guiding her students to go inside of themselves to find their inner spirituality. Her vinyasa style brings together the breathing and moving that is truly a spiritual experience. Her words impart not only guidance on the very physical level (i.e. which exercises are good for which muscles/bones/aches); but also on the emotional level again, not in any way “preachy”, but giving us an  “intention” to think of for the practice, and recalling it throughout the practice, to make each person’s practice appropriate to their own personal story.  Finally, Robyn is becoming very adept (in my humble opinion) at guiding her students on a personal, spiritual level. Once again, this is done in a way that guides meditation using appropriate quotes, candles, music, and time for a very meditative “savasana.”  Robyn always guides her students through practice offering every level, be it beginner, intermediate or advanced.

I feel that Robyn Hussa is a wonderful yoga teacher, most especially for those dealing with eating disorders. Her knowledge of the disease only helps her understanding of what a truly effective yoga class can be. I thank her for the time I’ve enjoyed being her student, and cherish our continued friendship.