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As a person who has struggled with an eating disorder, you probably already know the benefits of yoga, meditation and mindfulness.  But where are the “safe” places to practice where you will not be triggered by a yoga studio or individuals who mean well, but who sometimes just say the wrong thing at the wrong time.  Robyn created the NOURISH Recovery Yoga system when her own loved ones were in recovery and needed a “safe space” to practice the mindfulness, yoga and meditation skills they learned in treatment.

After designing evidence-based courses for the Mental Fitness nonprofit organization for 10 years to educate school coaches, faculty and professionals, Robyn Hussa Farrell knows how little training that exists in the education and medical communities to support those in recovery.  In fact, the evidence-based programs Robyn has designed with over 40 national researchers in public health now serve as training content for educators, pediatric residents, graduate students in social work and in psychology.  Robyn has worked firsthand with patients in recovery for more than a decade to help them increase self-acceptance and peace.

Dr. Terry Pruitt
Deputy Superintendent, District 7 Schools, Spartanburg
“I have worked with Robyn for almost four years. She has connected our entire District to an array of evidence-based programs that address serious mental health topics affecting our students. The Mental Fitness professional development programs for school professionals have connected us to many resources to better support students struggling with depression, anxiety, substance use and eating disorders. As a Deputy Superintendent, I know it is crucial that we have a dynamic partner like Mental Fitness who we can trust to bring the most cutting-edge and safe programs into our schools.”

Many of the tools and resources that Robyn has developed can now be learned online, in the privacy of your own home.  They are simple and easy to use and have shown to increase resilience, and decrease anxiety and stress.

Person in recovery from alcoholism and bulimia.
In Robyn’s class, I was not only allowed, but invited to be who I am.  I didn’t have to struggle or drop my guard; it happened so naturally I didn’t notice.  I felt what it means to belong.  I shared space with others from the comfort and safety of my own mat.  I felt what before I could only conceptually believe about love and respect.  And there was never a need to compete or compare; simply time to explore.  [Yoga] eased me back into my body.  It altered my perspective.  It showed me that I could create something beautiful again.

As a person in recovery, your NOURISH Recovery Yoga system will include any or all of the below elements that you choose:

  • 4 hours of course content detailing the science, research and evidence behind NOURISH Recovery Yoga, mindfulness and meditation techniques.
  • 4 hours of content about managing feelings, improving body esteem and communicating through conflict using fun arts-focused activities.
  • 5 hours of courses on understanding eating disorders, evidence-based dietetics models and the latest prevention programs that are currently available for schools.  Individuals in recovery have mentioned how great it is to know what prevention programs they can connect to schools in their community, so this is an added feature to help unite advocacy efforts.  The courses feature over 40 national researchers and practitioners in eating disorders and are all evidence-based (tested in pre- and post- program survey in collaboration with Ph.D. researchers in public health).
  • 5 minute mindfulness and stress management exercises that are videos of Robyn leading the techniques.  You can simply use whatever videos you like most… and toss the ones that don’t work for you!
  • Handouts, resources and supplies galore (think: cool empowerment quotes, fact sheets, handouts for your parents and teachers … and more)
  • An example of Robyn leading an evidence-based exercise is here:

To learn more about the program, Robyn would like to learn a bit more about your interest and what you already know, so there is no repetition in the materials we send to you.  To schedule a discussion with her, please contact Robyn today.

Find peace in stillness.  Find peace everywhere.”  ~Robyn Hussa Farrell