As an educator, you can now learn the NOURISH Discovery Yoga system through an easy online course, created and developed over 10 years by Robyn Hussa Farrell, MFA, E-RYT who is a national expert on eating disorders and qualified Continuing Education Provider (YACEP) through Yoga Alliance.

Tami Koumaras
President, Perfect As You Are
"'Perfect as U are' approached Reading Health System and their Friend’s group to employ Robyn’s help with her evidenced based programming to get knowledge into our local schools. Robyn met with the vast majority of our Principals in the county and it was 100% unanimous that her programming was very necessary. We then met with at least 40 of our school nurses, counselors and teachers to give them more information of how to deal with children with these issues. Several school districts have taken advantage of the opportunities from the Reading Hospital Funding and started her curriculum in classes. The results from the data showed that over 80% of participants increased their knowledge of how to safely manage and prevent eating disorders in schools and they requested additional trainings on related topics."

The system includes:

  • 4 hours of course content detailing the science, research and evidence behind NOURISH Discovery Yoga.
  • 3 hours of course content detailing how to safely lead and implement mindfulness and recovery yoga techniques in the classroom setting.
  • 5 hours of courses on understanding eating disorders, evidence-based dietetics models and the latest prevention research and programs available for the school setting.  The courses feature over 40 national researchers and practitioners in eating disorders and are all evidence-based (tested in pre- and post- program survey in collaboration with Ph.D. researchers in public health).
  • An organized and easy-to-follow structure to implement the 5 minute exercises in the classroom setting
  • Handouts, resources, supplies and links to videos to use in the classroom
  • Written exercises that are easy for educators to implement
Marilyn Burtnett
School Nurse, Spartanburg Day School
“As the school nurse at Spartanburg Day School, I am most interested in the health and well-being of our students, faculty, and families. This concern goes beyond headaches and scraped knees, includes areas of mental and physical health that can be hard to identify and treat. Our relationship at SDS with Mental Fitness Inc. and its Founder, Robyn Hussa Farrell, has benefitted our entire community in a multitude of ways. Robyn is an outstanding resource for learning about and dealing with eating disorders and teenage stress. These timely and informative sessions have helped each group to feel more prepared for recognizing and responding to students who are struggling with these issues. One of our most exciting partnerships with Mental Fitness involves our Upper School girls who have been a part of Robyn's peer-led prevention program called “Flourish.” These girls go off campus to teach very young students at a charter school downtown to teach them about managing stress in fun, active ways. These girls have been trained to do this by Mrs. Farrell. We hope to expand this program to include teaching our own young Lower School students about good nutrition and feeding our very active bodies. We are in the midst of organizing a Yoga class to relieve stress for our Upper School students – to be lead by Mrs. Farrell. Next year our plan to include training for our faculty as we begin the new school year on the topic of Disordered Eating to arm us fully for answering these needs as they present themselves. There is a lot to learn about communication, proper reaction, and support when it comes to these issues that affect our teens. We are aiming to find ways to manage these problems with a positive outcome rather than making matters worse by using vernacular and common responses that come from “winging it.” Mental Fitness has the answers.”

The NOURISH Discovery Yoga system feature theory and research on mindfulness, yoga and meditation, along with quick and easy videos of Robyn leading evidence-based exercises. A sample is here:

To register or learn more about the program, Robyn would like to learn a bit more about your interest and how you would like to use the materials.  To schedule a discussion with her, please contact Robyn today.