Healthy Selfitude

After working in treatment centers I felt compelled to bring more primary prevention programs to schools.  I began working with researchers and licensed clinical professionals to infuse performing arts, yoga and mindfulness exercises into traditional methods.  Eventually, Healthy Selfitude was created — written in collaboration with Laura Lees, Psy.D., CEDS — as a first step to get more engaging arts and mindfulness techniques into the hands of educators.  Many of the exercises from this book have been modified to the NOURISH Recovery and Discovery yoga programs as well.

Praise for Healthy Selfitude!

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This is a beautiful little book with respect, compassion, and intelligence on every page. Hussa is a gifted writer who offers a wealth of experience to readers who are ready to explore their inner lives in innovative, creative ways.
-Lindsey Cohn, Founder of Gurze Publishing

Many of my patients don’t have words for the feelings that lead to bingeing or purging.  When they see the Rainbow Feelings Poster, it is sometimes like a “Helen Keller” moment in which they have words for their experiences for the first time.  One young preteen even devised a game to close her eyes, land her finger on a feeling in the rainbow and then to tell me what she knows about that feeling.  The rainbow proved to be an invaluable tool in the work with her.  Some patients have carried the poster home and put it on their refrigerator to remind them to put their experience into words not actions.

Feelings Rainbow is a wonderful tool to have at your side for talks, events, therapy– and even your own quiet moments.  What a big new arena Robyn has added to my work!
~Judith Brisman, Psy.D.


Robyn Hussa’s Healthy Self-i-tude is revolutionary in its “simple” path to self-acceptance and embodiment for its readers. The centered, balanced, mindful behaviors that are the essence of Self-i-tude are not only evident in the poignant stories of Robyn’s life but also just as powerfully present in each detailed and nuanced activity. The reader is provided with clear and descriptive actions, the value and practice of which are modeled by Robyn’s examples of their lived experience—a true rarity.  This exceptional tool is the powerful first step on the journey toward what Robyn calls “healthy self-i-tude” for educators, health professionals, parents and lay people alike. It is through instituting these daily practices and or the edification of these activities with students and clients that we will be able to positively transform the ways that we are in relationship with others and more importantly … with ourselves. 

~Doris Smeltzer, MA, Author of Andrea’s Voice, Silenced by Bulimia and President/co-founder of Andrea’s Voice Foundation

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