Discovery Yoga

ThunderboltNOURISH Discovery Yoga was designed as a school yoga initiative to integrate evidence-based prevention principles and techniques into an engaging format.

Based on the principles underlying NOURISH Recovery Yoga, Discovery Yoga is a way for students to learn the evidence-based skills that improve resilience.

There are some basic elements that happen during NOURISH Yoga workshops.  First, we have three types of classes:

  • A (for those who feel most comfortable moving from a chair, not on a yoga mat)
  • B (for those who feel comfortable working on the floor, on a yoga mat), and
  • C (for those who feel at home on a yoga mat and who like to do sun salutations and advanced poses)

During NOURISH yoga workshops, participants experience more than just physical movement.  At any time during each workshop, participants may:

  • Engage in creative techniques
  • Explore writing activities
  • Engage in reading
  • Engage in philosophical discussions
  • Learn practical, evidence-based techniques for improving coping skills

NOURISH Discovery Yoga is truly for everyone, and now a portion of the system is available online. The online courses are targeted to specific audiences, including:

(a) educators who wish to lead 5 minute exercises in the classroom setting
(b) educators who are also Registered Yoga Teachers (RYT) and who wish to lead NOURISH Discovery Yoga workshops after school

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